ILLIG at Anuga FoodTec 2018

Pactivity® - 360° Custom-made Packaging Development in Thermoforming

Heilbronn and Cologne,20th March 2018 - ILLIG, the thermoforming systems supplier will be showcasing their unique Pactivity® concept at this year's Anuga FoodTec from March 20 to 23 in Cologne. The machine and mold manufacturer will demonstrate its expertise in the field of packaging using the latest packaging systems. The experts from Heilbronn will show the versatility of their in-mold labeling in thermoforming (IML-T®) technology in combination with the clean and hygienic filling and packaging of food live at their stand. When progressing from the original product idea all the way to the right mold design and production system, there are numerous requirements that have to be met. ILLIG will give the customer insight into this process and offer their development services for thermoforming packaging - all from a single source.

Pactivity® - From the Packaging Idea to the Production System

ILLIG has decades of experience developing packaging and helping packaging manufacturers. Each project is treated independently, as no packaging is ever exactly the same. Development begins with the customer's initial idea and ends with an outstanding final product that meets all requirements. This entails numerous steps in between and several answers that have to be found to technical challenges along the way. Packaging for fresh fruits and produce is a good example of how multifaceted packaging can be. It has to ensure visibility of it contents, while also protecting them, and it must be suitable for transport, both to the market and throughout the logistics process. ILLIG packaging experts develop different variants for ventilation (hole vents or closure knobs with spacing for clamshell trays) and package closure (hinged lids, separate lids or without). Product, packaging material, volume and feasibility as well as decoration withIML-T® - all have to be analyzed to determine the design possibilities, a tool layout and line concept, because thermoforming offers a wide variety of different methods to produce packaging. The thermoforming method depends primarily on the required properties of the packaging. The decisive factors include design, desired material, and required output. Once the initial criteria have been successfully determined in the packaging development stage, an extensive testing phase follows that begins with the production of samples. This is followed by a number of required product tests and finally ends with the customer approval. Only then can work begin on the production system. ILLIG has the necessary know-how in tool making and machine construction and is familiar with all the technical requirements - world-wide.



ILLIG is a leading global supplier of thermoforming and packaging systems as well as tool systems for cardboard,
paper and plastics. The company's product and services portfolio includes the development, design, manufacture,
installation and commissioning of complex production lines and components. With its unique approach to packaging
development, “Pactivity® 360”, ILLIG supplies its customers with resource-friendly and sustainable solutions.
With its subsidiaries and sales agencies, ILLIG is active in all markets around the world.
More than 75 years, the family business has been serving its customers as a reliable partner for the cost-effective
manufacturing of complex precision packaging and parts with innovative technology of unsurpassed quality
and comprehensive global service.

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