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Suppliers are important partners for us. The performance of our company is dependent on our suppliers' expertise, exceptional service, quality and innovation, which make up an important component of our success.

Every partnership is based on mutual trust. That is why we strive for continuity and reliability in choosing our partners, and why we're interested in cultivating sustainable, long-lasting partnerships with our suppliers. Our procurement strategy is based on our business's needs. It includes international sourcing, but also a locally based supplier portfolio. As a matter of course, we like to involve our partners early on in development projects, brainstorming, and in results-oriented courses of action, which serves as the foundation for our mutual success. We strive for continuous improvement, and make our decisions based on economic profitability and competitiveness.

We are happy to be held to a standard of demanding and fair criteria. And we are also careful to ensure that our suppliers adhere to our ethical standards and guidelines.

Principles governing our procurement activities include:

  • Mutual trust and respectful cooperation.
  • Striving for a long-term, reliable partnership.
  • The assessment of our suppliers' performance according to demanding, but fair criteria.
  • Early involvement of our partners in the development of our products and problem solving. A just-in-time procurement strategy in compliance with our company guidelines on a national and international scale.
We want to build a future together with our partners, and we welcome you to come aboard.

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