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Circular Thinking!
ILLIG develops sophisticated sustainable technical solutions for the packaging industry with the guiding principle "Circular Thinking! The innovative solutions resulting from the consistent continuation of the packaging development Pactivity® 360 offer a wide range of possibilities for the packaging industry. Aspects of Design for Recycling (D4R) are taken into account in the development of single-material packaging through to easily separable plastic-cardboard combinations. With the aim of creating the conditions for optimum recycling.

I-PACK® plastic-cardboard-combinations - over 50% plastic reduction
Packaging manufacturers are increasingly demanding sustainable and easily recyclable packaging solutions that meet all requirements for hygiene, product protection, logistics and convenience. With I-PACK® (ILLIG intelligent packaging), ILLIG offers easily separable and versatile plastic-cardboard combinations with reduced plastic usage. The sustainable I-PACK® trays, cups and lids are manufactured with a high level of know-how on established IML-T® production systems. ILLIG's packaging experts accompany customers throughout the entire Pactivity® development process, from the initial idea to the commissioning of the production line.
Individual packaging solutions
The demands in terms of complexity, quality and economic efficiency are constantly growing with respect to the parts to be formed. At ILLIG, we understand the growing demands and requirements of the various industries better than anyone, and are able to meet these. Years of experience in thermoforming and packaging, as well as a wide range of industry-specific know-how are the basis for our innovative, and practical machines and tools. Individual solutions that will enable you to reliably and flexibly master even future challenges. Today.


We have the solution you're looking for
The effectiveness of our technology is rooted in the diversity of ideas of our customers. Our technology is the result of solving our customers' wishes, product ideas and requirements: innovation that is key to driving progress, and something that all our customers benefit from directly. But don't just take our word for it, put us to the test and see for yourself what we can do for you.

We give you the decisive argument
How do you sell your products? What's your most effective sales pitch to convince your customer? Maybe you highlight the excellent stability and rigidity, impressive, high-quality surface properties, second-to-none functionality and minimal dimensional tolerances at attractive and manageable costs? Not bad, but there's a better argument. Just say, "made with an ILLIG", and your customers will know.

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