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ILLIG bundles Pactivity® around packaging development in the ILLIG Technology Center (ITC) at the company headquarters in Heilbronn where product development partners work closely with ILLIG engineers and designers. The ITC team works with customers to develop, test and evaluate products to market launch and through to production on ILLIG systems.

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Even closer to customers

ILLIG Maschinenbau has appointed Jürgen Lochner (55) as Managing Director in the function of CSO/CTO on December 01, 2020. He is responsible for the areas of market and technology with sales and product development for the business units engineering, tooling and service. Together with CEO Carsten Strenger, the management team at the company's headquarters in Heilbronn is well positioned. "We are consistently pursuing the path of efficient operational process design in order to be even closer to the customer," explains the new CSO/CTO.

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Sven Engelmann, ILLIG | © ILLIG Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG


Plastic-Cardboard Combination

Sven Engelmann, Head of the ILLIG Technology Center (ITC) and Packaging Development, explains in an interview with K-PROFI - the leading German-language user magazine in the field of plastics processing - the technical challenges of a completely recyclable I-PACK® tray with mono-PP inlay for food products, which is more than 50% plastic-reduced. ILLIG developed, produced and installed the application in only a few months.

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ILLIG Trainees 2020 | © ILLIG Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG

Trainees 2020

New apprenticeship year

Nine apprentices will start their training at ILLIG Maschinenbau in Sontheim on September 1. The profession of mechatronics technician is in particular demand this year.

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Strong Partners

Boucherie Borghi Group

The Belgian group Boucherie Borghi and ILLIG are working together. The cooperation of both companies will strengthen the manufacturing and packaging of products in the fields of "Oral Care", "Medical Care" and "Personal Care". The Boucherie Borghi Group offers numerous solutions for the production of toothbrushes, household brooms and brushes, technical and industrial brushes and articles for personal care. ILLIG is a supplier of thermoforming machines and tooling systems and packaging systems.

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ILLIG Assist

Industrie 4.0

Article only available in German language ILLIG Maschinenbau hat zusammen mit dem Münchner IIoT-Softwareunternehmen elunic die digitale Service-Plattform “ILLIG Assist” entwickelt um ILLIG-Kunden aktiv im Bereich Thermoformen auf dem Weg zur Industrie 4.0 hin zur vollvernetzten Fabrik zu unterstützen.

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