Interpack 2023

Interpack 2023: ILLIG puts focus on flexibility and sustainability in packaging

ILLIG Maschinenbau will be presenting their latest in innovative and versatile approaches to future-thinking packaging solutions at this year’s Interpack in Düsseldorf from May 4 to 10, 2023. You’ll get to see two different versions of a cardboard blister pack produced live on their HSU 650. ILLIG will show how different materials can be flexibly employed in their packaging development in the form of a tray in five different material combinations. The thermoforming and packaging machine specialist will be demonstrating the entire range of possibilities in packaging development with the ILLIG product portfolio, which has been expanded even further.

With their XLU 40 product family, ILLIG will be unveiling their first-ever laminating concept aimed at the food and cosmetic industries, among others. The three XLU-series machines expand ILLIG’s range of packaging solutions to include pulp and cardboard lamination, as well as tray labeling. The primary focus is on protecting the packaged goods by preventing gas from entering or escaping and by protecting them against contamination, as well as on protecting the pulp or cardboard against being damaged by water or oils to maintain the integrity of the package.

ILLIG offers three versions of the new modularly designed XLU 40 (CLU 40: Cardboard Lamination Unit, PLU 40: Pulp Lamination Unit, TLU 40: Tray Labeling Unit). ILLIG’s RedLine machines offer sufficient output at a low investment risk and with quick delivery times. At Interpack ILLIG will be demonstrating the lamination of pulp trays designed for food packaging on its RedLine machine PLU 40. Visitors will get to see for themselves the optimum sealing and peeling capability of the new ILLIG machine, which enables the processing of films as thin as 50 µm.

“Sustainable packaging solutions and packs containing less plastic have become game changers in the packaging industry. That's why we’re leading the way by investing in this new trend with the development of new machines and packaging solutions on a massive scale in Germany, Europe and in many countries around the world,” says Jürgen Lochner, CTO/CSO at ILLIG. “We’re expanding our range of machines with a clear focus on sustainability, so that customers will benefit from a high degree of flexibility without compromising on ILLIG’s high quality and performance,” explains Lochner.

At its Interpack stand E02 in Hall 6, ILLIG will be producing a market novelty wallet blister made of refined and recycled cardboard on its HSU 650, a clear example of the new focus on sustainability in packaging. STABILO brand highlighters will be packed in regular production cycles.

Jürgen Lochner: “The innovative HSU 650 and XLU 40 both demonstrate that sustainable packaging solutions composed of recycled materials can indeed be very marketable. I’m convinced that, next to the use of recycled paper, a major factor in the purchasing decision of many of our customers will be the reduction of plastic, and the use of recycled plastic in packaging development and production. And we’re well prepared to deliver.”





ILLIG is a leading global supplier of thermoforming and packaging systems as well as tool systems for cardboard,
paper and plastics. The company's product and services portfolio includes the development, design, manufacture,
installation and commissioning of complex production lines and components. With its unique approach to packaging
development, “Pactivity® 360”, ILLIG supplies its customers with resource-friendly and sustainable solutions.
With its subsidiaries and sales agencies, ILLIG is active in all markets around the world.
More than 75 years, the family business has been serving its customers as a reliable partner for the cost-effective
manufacturing of complex precision packaging and parts with innovative technology of unsurpassed quality
and comprehensive global service.

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