I-PACK® | ILLIG Intelligent Packaging

I-PACK® plastic-cardboard combinations reduce plastic content over 50%

Packaging manufacturers are increasingly demanding sustainable and easily recyclable packaging solutions that meet all requirements for hygiene, product protection, logistics and convenience.

With I-PACK® (ILLIG intelligent packaging), ILLIG offers easily separable and versatile plastic-cardboard combinations with reduced plastic usage. The sustainable I-PACK® trays, cups and lids are manufactured with a high level of know-how on established production systems.

ILLIG's packaging experts accompany customers throughout the entire Pactivity® development process, from the initial idea to the commissioning of the production line.

ILLIG has realized the technical implementation of sealable PP cardboard trays

ILLIG has already implemented sustainable and recyclable packaging solutions that can be closed to maintain a modified protective atmosphere in a technically perfect way . I-PACK® trays save valuable resources with over 50% reduced plastic content in the PP or PET plastic inlay. The stabilizing cardboard sleeve is easy to separate after use. The large sealing rim enables a tight seal.

Less is more. Reduce - Reuse - Separate - Recycle - Renew

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