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ILLIG UA Sheet Processing Machines – High Demand

Heilbronn, Friedrichshafen, October 16, 2018. – ILLIG Maschinenbau will be showcasing a UA 100g and a UA 100Ed sheet processing machine in hall A3, stand 3208 at Fakuma in Friedrichshafen, Germany. Intelligent, process-controlled sequencing allows precision, reproducibility, flexibility and long-term reliability. The UA series provides impetus for part manufacturing regarding production and the machines feature high productivity and quality at the same time, and also ease of operation. Furthermore ILLIG is helping packaging and part manufacturers with Pactivity®, a 360° custom-made development of formed parts in thermoforming process. Each project begins with the customer's initial idea and ends with an outstanding final product that meets all requirements. ILLIG regards the development of thermoformed parts under sustainable aspects from the beginning to the point of reuse and considers the possibilities of optimal recycling when selecting materials. ILLIG possesses the necessary know-how in tool making and machine construction and is familiar with the technical requirements. The line is configured and developed further together with experienced engineers according to the developed solution. Then the implementation of the production system begins.

Fakuma machines UA 100g and UA 100Ed

The UA 100g is equipped with a max. forming area of 960 mm x 660 mm and is suitable for sheet processing. All machine movements are completely servo driven. During the Fakuma show, various tools for the production of parts made of plastic sheets are used on this machine.

This year´s additional presented UA 100Ed is equipped with a max. forming area of 950 mm x 560 mm. It is a pneumatically driven thermoforming machine with manual loading at a very reasonable price-performance ratio. The machine is designed for small and medium batch sizes and also equipped to be used as testing and/or laboratory machine with lower and upper table, a so-called loose parts control heating on both sides and connection for mold temperature-control.

ILLIG UA sheet processing machines – high demand

ILLIG is the inventor of the first UA thermoforming machine with clamping frame ever employed in industry for sheet and roll processing. The demand for the reliable ILLIG sheet processing technology with accelerated self-controlled processes is still continuing on a high level this year. This high demand is based on the innovations implemented in all machine types of this series during the last years.

Innovation driver in thermoforming systems

ILLIG developed into a world-wide leading thermoforming company based on its innovative strength. During the last years the Heilbronn company initiated numerous innovations for automatic thermoforming machines and filed corresponding patent applications. Competitors also became aware of many further ILLIG innovations. These innovations are employed in its machines as technological progress.

Some of the developments in UA sheet processing machines frequently patented are: Servo motor drive, process-reliable sheet de-stacking, compensation of surrounding influences during heating and reduction of temperature decrease of the heated material until forming, prevention of chill marks and obtaining a uniform wall thickness distribution during forming, reduction of cooling time by using e.g. an air shower in the clamping frame and blowers which can be individually switched in groups. Moreover, ILLIG is the only system supplier of UA thermoforming equipment to offer patented process-controlled cooling air guidance to ensure part quality at a consistently high level. Machine operation is simple thanks to the fact that all important commands can be found on one page and the online optimization support allows forming pressure setting in combination with a frequency-controlled vacuum pump.

The technical concepts implemented in ILLIG thermoformers utilize the high capacity of servo-driven thermoforming systems to the full extent. ILLIG systems allow high productivity as well as reproducibility of all process parameters. ILLIG shapes the technology of tomorrow’s high-quality thermoforming – productive, clean, energy-efficient and sustainable.



ILLIG is a leading global supplier of thermoforming systems and mold systems for thermoplastics. The company's product and services portfolio includes the development, design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of complex production lines and components. With the unique 360° packaging development, Pactivity®, and the high-performance packaging systems, ILLIG supplies its customers with resource-friendly and sustainable solutions, designed for recycling. With branches and sales agencies in over 80 countries, ILLIG is locally present in all markets around the globe. For over 70 years, the family business has been serving its customers across the globe as a reliable partner for the cost-effective manufacturing of complex precision thermoplastic parts with innovative technology of unsurpassed quality and comprehensive worldwide after-sales support.


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