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Tool of a RDM machine

Tool technologie
The development of molds and tools is an integrated element of the concept for new machines at ILLIG. Tools for 3rd Generation thermoformers last longer and result in improved part quality. Symmetrical arrangement of all media is a main focus of development as it is critical to the uniform quality of products from every cavity. Higher cycle speeds are achieved by new materials with improved heat conductivity. By keeping operating conditions constant within the machine tools last longer and maintenance costs are reduced. We assure the quality of our molds and tools by critically selecting the materials used, certification of these materials and also by constantly inspecting all individual parts. Large 55-cavitiy tools for forming/punching are manufactured by state-of-the-art CNC machines in air conditioned production areas. The cut gap can be less than 0.004 mm. At this stage the cavities can easily be interchanged or replaced. Finally a 3-D measuring center is used for quality assurance. We can ensure the best finish and quality of all essential parts of ILLIG machines due to the high proportion made in-house. By constantly inspecting and optimizing our processes, we aim to ensure product quality and to continue to improve. 

All round familiarity with all production techniques and in-house production make cast iron quality assurance possible - from the selection of suitable materials through to the final acceptance of the entire machine line. The extreme precision of component parts, for example, is monitored by state-of-the-art measuring techniques. This minimizes faults during final assembly and spare or wear parts can easily be replaced on-site. During our vigorous machine and tool testing under production conditions, the customer receives an acceptance protocol showing setting data and specified performance. We have only reached our quality goals if all our customers' expectations are fulfilled. But, as a rule, they are even surpassed.

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