Form, fill and seal line FSL 48

Form, fill and seal line FSL 48

With ILLIG‘s FLS 48 In-Mold labeling station 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 areas can be labeled. At the same time up to 8 different flavors can be filled and decorated differently. In contrary to conventional banding no vertical walls are required for this. The IML module for impressive decoration of thermoformed cups works with printed blanks from the magazine. Go-ahead for eye-catching, dynamic marketing ideas.

Most Materials can be Processed Thanks to Multiple Contact Heating

The heating requirement can be individually controlled thanks to format-milled and Teflon-coated contact heating plates with individual zone control and gradual heating up.
Thus most conventional materials can be processed: PS, PS-multilayer (such as PS/EVOH/PE), PP-multilayer (such as PP/EVOH/PP) as well as APET, even materials made of PLA (polylactic acid) biopolymer. Exact temperature control
due to cast-in heating elements. Same conditions apply to lid materials in heat sealing method. The hinged multiple-zone contact heater is easily accessible
for cleaning and maintenance.

Servo Motors Featuring High Running Smoothness

All stations of the process chain are equipped with state-of-the-art, energy-efficient servo motors. The entire motion sequencing is very quite and happens with maximum working speed at the same time with no product overspilling at all. Subject to material used, over 30 cycle per minute can be achieved. With optimum format layout and plastic packs adjusted to product, up to 60 000 packs can be produced per hour. The discharge system can be adjusted to any pack shape: round, oval, rectangular or asymmetrical. The thermoformer‘s
format area of 480 mm x 320 mm (without decoration up to 350

More Options in Label Design

Label materials can be combined with cup materials without effort, e.g. PP labels on PP, PS labels on PS, paper labels on PP, PS (without additional adhesives) or APET. ILLIG IML System Technology - for impressive appearance of your premium products on the shelves.

Different Cup Heights. No Problem

By maintaining punching and sealing dimensions, ILLIG lines produce different cup heights (e.g. 100 g, 250 g or 500 g). Only the drawer equipped with cavities must be changed.