Bottleformer BF 70

Bottleformer BF 70

Bottles for yogurt, juice, vegetables and isotonic drinks can be manufactured economically by thermoforming. The possibility to work with undercuts is a substantial benefit in design and function, this is applied e.g. on containers used for jams, bread spreads, puddings and fruit yogurts. Different volumes can be realized subject to design.

So-called "Functional Food" will be continuously increasing in the next few years. This includes yogurt, vegetable and wellness drinks. Already in 2001 they held a 19% share of the total yogurt market. The share of such bottles (especially in the range of 50 - 200 ml) will grow accordingly.

So far these bottles had to be purchased from a special manufacturer. Consequently, when developing our thermoforming machines we considered the market situation and designed the BF 70 bottle former.

The benefits provided by thermoformed products such as lower unit weight, high product stiffness and consistent quality are fully maintained. At first the development was focused on the forming method.
Bottles with such pronounced undercuts can only be manufactured using movable tool parts. Additionally, a forming procedure had to be found which would always produce absolutely uniform wall thickness in spite of small basic area and high depth of draw.

At first glance there is no difference between the conventional bottles and the thermoformed ones. When considering the unit weight, however, it becomes obvious right away that the weight of thermoformed bottles - which are in line with market requirements for stability – is much less than the usual weight. The food industry, and especially the dairy companies, can interlink this machine directly with available fill and seal lines.

Benefits of this machine series:

  • First tooling system worldwide for forming and punching with steel rule dies.
  • Optimization of storage possibility of production parameters for high repeat accuracy, reliable and smooth operation.
  • Movable lower tool parts for demolding of bottles with pronounced undercut.
  • Bottle forming with sterile pressure air.
  • The BF 70 is completely made of VA steel and therefore also suitable for direct interlinkage with existing fill and seal machines in dairy companies.
  • Optimum forming temperature due to gradual material heating by means of contact heating plates.
  • High output with low maintenance effort. High efficiency due to low energy consumption.
  • Fast, reliable commissioning, optimum line availability right from the start.

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