World Debut FSL 48

The newly designed FSL 48 form, fill and seal line, tailored to meet the demands of the food industry, and especially the dairy industry, will be the core element of ILLIG's trade fair appearance at this year's Interpack, Düsseldorf, May 8 to 14. As of now an IML (in-mold labeling) station is integrated in an FFS line and employed to decorate packs in a brilliant way directly in the thermoforming process

Most conventional cup geometries which can be produced on form, fill and seal lines can be realized. The FSL 48 can be equipped to meet a variety of different hygiene requirements by the food industry through to hygiene class IV according to VDMA (hygienic filling machines). The thermoformer's format area, 480 mm x 320 mm, is designed in such a way that, for example, 12 standard dairy packs can be manufactured. A working speed of up to 30 cycles per minute is achieved. In addition to this core element ILLIG will present economical solutions for blister packs at the Interpack stand which add to product protection, transport protection and also eye-catching presentation of products at the point of sale (POS).

All conventional materials suitable for processing on FFS lines can be processed on the new FSL 48, such as PS, PP, multilayer materials (e.g. PS/EVOH/PE), APET and even foils made of PLA biopolymer (polylactic acid). This also applies to the heat-sealable lid materials. The IML unit integrated in the forming station works with printed blanks from the magazine. Numerous decoration options can thus be realized in a simple way: One-sided, two-sided, three-sided (for example U-shape), four-sided or even five-sided (including bottom decoration, for example, with integrated barcode). A great variety of cup shapes can be smoothly decorated since in IML walls to be decorated don't have to be vertical. These options for individual cup design in conjunction with attractive labeling enhance the product presentation on supermarket shelves.

Filling and labeling – whatever fruit flavor is desired. The ILLIG multi-lane filler sets the standard for form, fill and seal lines. Now, several flavors can be filled in one machine format using the same or different labels. In all production phases the most demanding hygiene conditions for food packs are met. Different flavors can be filled at the same time by the line with one machine format, such as strawberry, orange, banana, cherry. Trade and consumers find their 4, 6 or 8 favorite flavors in crates or boxes at a glance, subject to the format layout of the ILLIG FSL 48. Manual re-sorting is no longer required.