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, 26.04.2018

ILLIG at Chinaplas 2018

At Chinaplas ILLIG will present the advanced thermoformed, liquid-tight container with lid.

New sustainable ILLIG liquid-tight containers for single use, secondary use and for everyday use.

New sustainable ILLIG liquid-tight containers for single use, secondary use and for everyday use.

The development of molds and tools is an integral element of the concept for new machine lines at ILLIG.

The forming machine IC-RDM 70K automatic roll-fed machine. Drinking cups are manufactured on this line with an 18-up cup mold out of A-PET. The trade fair machine is combined with an in-line SZA 73c stacking machine.

At Chinaplas ILLIG will demonstrate the performance capacity of current automatic roll-fed machines equipped with the new ILLIC IC by presenting the IC-RDK 80 and technically demanding, hinged packs manufactured on this machine.

Progressive Relaunch: New sustainable ILLIG liquid-tight containers for single use, secondary use and for everyday use

Heilbronn and Shanghai, April 24th, 2018. – ILLIG, the German thermoforming systems supplier, will launch newly designed thermoformed liquid-tight “Take-Away Containers” with lid at Chinaplas, Shanghai, stand number 2L51. The advanced container is out of transparent PP and can be thermoformed with different wall thicknesses depending on application, i.e. single use (0.6 mm), secondary use (0.7 mm) or long-term use with several opening and closing features (0.9 mm). This sustainable container has been developed for the Asian market to fill in hot soups and meals to go by restaurants and mobile snack booths. ILLIG packaging specialists designed and realized all stages of the pack development: From the initial idea and material selection through to mold production. This also included in-house application tests with respect to tightness and stackability (top load). The container and lid have been designed in an advanced manner for repeated easy opening and convenient spoon usability. ILLIG will be showcasing the containers and also the 12-up mold of the container and lid separately at the stand.
Furthermore ILLIG will be showcasing the IC-RDM 70K and IC-RDK 80 automatic roll-fed machines, state-of-the-art in thermoforming at the trade fair. Both machine types were equipped with the “IC” operating concept (ILLIG Intelligent Control Concept®), the user can utilize the high efficiency of this servo-driven thermoformer much more easily and reliably and also to the full extent.

ILLIG thermoforming technology

With IC-RDK series ILLIG developed a forming and punching technology suitable to achieve excellent part quality and reproducibility of packs. The machines feature high availability and easy operation. Heated materials are formed by means of pre-stretcher and compressed air; the part is punched out of the material in the same cycle. Thanks to this method, parts can be manufactured without punching mismatch in the rim area and thus automatic pack processing is improved.

Complete production line for drinking cups on trade fair stand

A fully automated production line for drinking cups – everything from one source – will also be showcased at the trade fair. The forming machine is a state-of-the-art IC-RDM 70K automatic roll-fed machine. Drinking cups are manufactured on this line with an 18-up cup mold out of A-PET. The trade fair machine is combined with an in-line SZA 73c stacking machine. This one can be variably equipped with different discharge options. Whenever the application changes the SZA 73c can be easily adapted thanks to the modular system.
Machines of the IC-RDM K series are also frequently used as in-line systems with pre-linked extruders, e.g. for large-volume production of drinking cups in quantities of millions. The ILLIG IC supports the aspects relevant for large-volume production. It includes modules for general process optimization, high productivity and availability as well as minimization of operation costs.

Unique IML-T® technology

Moreover, ILLIG will present the decorative and economic potentials of in-mold labeling in thermoforming (IML-T®) at Chinaplas. IML-T® lines are realized with so-called RDM-L machines. This decoration technology is also integrated in form, fill and seal lines (FSL lines). An IML unit removes the printed blanks (labels) from a magazine and places them in the mold cavities in the forming station of the thermoformer. Every cavity can be equipped individually with a label, thus product changes can be performed fast and easily. The label bonds true to contour and permanently with the part wall during the subsequent forming process. Currently, ILLIG is the only supplier of an IML system in thermoforming (machine and mold technology) worldwide. Meanwhile, several machines have been put into operation on the market.

Cleantivity® – Cleanliness in machine manufacturing and availability

Derived from the comprehensive expertise in the field of hygiene in form, fill and seal lines (FFS lines), ILLIG transferred the technology of cleanliness in the production process to its thermoformers – this is accompanied by higher machine availability. ILLIG calls this concept Cleantivity®. It is our intent to extend operating time, running time and, ultimately, quality time of the thermoforming machines, in order to achieve a high line output of parts of excellent quality.

Pactivity® – From the Packaging Idea to the Production System

ILLIG has decades of experience developing packaging and helping packaging manufacturers. Each project is treated independently, as no packaging is ever exactly the same. Development begins with the customer's initial idea and ends with an outstanding final product that meets all requirements. This entails numerous steps in between and several answers that have to be found to technical challenges along the way. Packaging for fresh fruits and produce is a good example of how multifaceted packaging can be. It has to ensure visibility of its contents, while also protecting them, and it must be suitable for transport, both to the market and throughout the logistics process. ILLIG packaging experts develop different variants for ventilation (hole vents or closure knobs with spacing for clamshell trays) and package closure (hinged lids, separate lids or without). Product, packaging material, volume and feasibility as well as decoration with IML-T® – all have to be analyzed to determine the design possibilities, a tool layout and line concept, because thermoforming offers a wide variety of different methods to produce packaging. The thermoforming method depends primarily on the required properties of the packaging. The decisive factors include design, desired material, and required output. The initial criteria have been successfully determined in the packaging development stage. An extensive testing phase follows that begins with the production of samples. This is followed by a number of required product tests and finally ends with the customer approval. Only then can work begin on the production system. ILLIG has the necessary know-how in tool making and machine construction and is familiar with all the technical requirements – world-wide.

ILLIG is a leading global supplier of high-performance thermoforming machines and molds, as well as solutions for the packaging industry. The company's product and services portfolio includes the development, design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of complex production lines and components. With branches and sales agencies in over 80 countries, ILLIG is locally present in all markets around the globe. For over 70 years, the family-owned enterprise has been serving its customers across the globe as a reliable partner for the cost-effective manufacturing of complex precision thermoplastic parts with innovative technology of unsurpassed quality and comprehensive worldwide after-sales support.

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