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Heilbronn, 28.03.2018

Cool appearance in the refrigerated shelf

The FSL 48 form, fill and seal line allows hygienic filling and packaging especially of dairy products, and also brilliant IML-T® decoration of thermoformed cups of different shapes.

Filling of product families is possible thanks to multi-lane filling in the FSL 48, e.g. different flavors, in packs individually decorated by IML thermoforming. Diverse cup geometries are supported. Even the bottom of the cup may be used – e.g., to apply a large and easy-to-read bar code without interfering with product design.

ILLIG's IML-T® can apply brilliantly decorated labeling to thermoformed cups of the most varied geometries.

Heilbronn and Cologne, March 2018 – The FSL 48 form, fill and seal line with integrated IML-T® unit will take center stage at the ILLIG stand at this year's Anuga FoodTec exhibition in Cologne from March 20 to 23, 2018. The FFS line was designed for the food, and in particular the dairy industry. All in one step, the production system decorates the packaging in brilliant picture quality during the thermoforming process with in-mold-labeling (IML-T®), hygienically fills the food in the packaging and seals it – ready for the shelf at the point of sale (PoS). Instead of the real, big machine line, ILLIG will install a three-dimensional replica of the FSL 48. Six large individual TV screens display all the relevant parts of the machine and the integrated process sequences of the production line – right down to the final product. With this exhibition concept, ILLIG is offering a visual and informative exhibition experience. Normal demonstrations typically seen at such trade fairs up until now are unable to offer this much detailed insight into the functions of the individual stations of the production line. Just as on the real machine, a conveyor belt is also attached to the 3D replica. The technology leader in thermoforming will thus demonstrate the versatile decorating possibilities of its own ILLIG-designed IML-T® technology. ILLIG is currently the only supplier of IML-T® that offers all required modules from a single source that have been optimally designed to interoperate with one another. ILLIG will also be demonstrating its Pactivity® concept in the development of packaging solutions. ILLIG is shaping the technology of tomorrow’s high-quality and resource-saving thermoforming process. Productive, clean, energy efficient and sustainable.

FSL 48 combined with IML-T®: Versatile Packaging for Dairy Products

The ILLIG-developed form, fill and seal machine line FSL 48 was designed to meet the requirements of the food and in particular the dairy industry. The multi-lane filler with CIP (cleaning in place) and SIP (sterilization in place) functionality can be configured so to meet the different hygiene requirements in the food industry, even up to hygiene class V according to VDMA (hygienic filling machines). The FSL 48 can process all standard material films suitable for FFS lines, such as PS, PP, multilayer material (e.g. PS / EVOH / PE), APET and even films made of the biopolymer PLA (polylactic acid).

ILLIG is a leading global supplier of high-performance thermoforming machines and molds, as well as solutions for the packaging industry. The company's product and services portfolio includes the development, design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of complex production lines and components. With branches and sales agencies in over 80 countries, ILLIG is locally present in all markets around the globe. For over 70 years, the family-owned enterprise has been serving its customers across the globe as a reliable partner for the cost-effective manufacturing of complex precision thermoplastic parts with innovative technology of unsurpassed quality and comprehensive worldwide after-sales support.

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