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An Exhibition of ILLIG UA Sheet Processing Machines

Heilbronn/Germany, April 2012. – ILLIG (www.illig.de), the thermoforming specialist, welcomed more than 100 participants from Germany and Western and Eastern European economic regions to the "ILLIG Sheet Processing Machines...

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Splendid Appearance on the Shelf: The IML-decorated, Thermoformed Pack – Brilliant, Individual, Cost-effective

Heilbronn/Germany, December 2011. – Economical production of thermoformed food packs, decorated brilliantly with premium photo quality during the same working process, will be in the focus of ILLIG's trade fair appearance at...

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Automatic roll-fed machines ILLIG RDK thermoforming machines: High Productivity in combination with Quality and Energy Efficiency

Heilbronn/Germany, December 2011. – At the NPE from 1st to 5th April 2012 in Orlando, Florida/USA, ILLIG will present the current generation of its automatic thermoforming machine of the RDK series working from roll stock. By the...

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11th Open House at ILLIG's


Automatic roll-fed machines move into the spotlight – with a focus on performance, process stability and operating convenience

Heilbronn/Germany, July 2011. – At ILLIG's "Open House" trade show held on July 5th and 6th on the company's premises in Heilbronn, visitors were afforded a detailed glimpse of the technology and performance...

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65 Years of ILLIG – a Global Thermoforming Pioneer and Technology Driver

Heilbronn, 27 May 2011. – This year, May 27 marks the 65th company anniversary of ILLIG, the Heilbronn-based mechanical engineering company. Founded in 1946 by Adolf Illig as a mechanical repair shop in his native city of...

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Distinctly shaped food packaging with undercuts can now be produced by thermoforming

Heilbronn and Düsseldorf, 12 Mai 2011. – At the Interpack trade fair held in Düsseldorf on May 12 – 18, ILLIG presents solutions for thermoforming retail packaging containers with distinctly undercut contours. Previously a domain...

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ILLIG's new FSL 48 – redefining the standards in hygienic decorative packaging of dairy products

Heilbronn and Düsseldorf, 12 Mai 2011. – At this year's Interpack in Düsseldorf, one key focus of ILLIG's trade show presentation will be on the new FSL 48 forming, filling and sealing machine. Designed with the demands of the...

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