Competence, Innovation and Development

The thermoforming specialist from Heilbronn stands for pioneering inventions and innovations. About 100 members of staff, more than 10 % of the workforce, develop forward-thinking solutions in research, development and design. In this way, by considering comprehensive basic conditions, decisive product advantages are achieved, in details as well as improved customer efficiency. 

Complex tasks must be successfully fulfilled: in the development stage new raw materials and changing consumer requirements must be taken into account.

For this reason ILLIG continuously observes the market and is on the lookout for innovative solutions together with partner companies and research facilities. Higher cycle speeds and optimized forming processes can only be achieved by using innovative materials, production techniques, drive-systems, electronic components, measuring methods and integrated process ocntrol. At the same time new components have to undergo a comprehensive quality assurance to improve operator and maintenance practicality, set-up times, service lives and availability of the lines. 

Simulation runs, laboratory tests and endureance tests in prototyping serve to optimize all components at an early stage. On one side the thermoforming specialist can produce samples with his laboratory machines in the field of application technology and on the other side can test and optimize in detail new developments of the material manufacturers. Finally it is checked as to whether the new developments can be integrated with the customer and directly at customers' sites. This results in solutions for the long-term and economic use of ILLIG machines and ILLIG tooling.


High-Tech Solutions in Thermoforming

ILLIG offers a globally unique product range using synergy and consistent modularization. Customized production lines are built with minimum lead times due to our pre-configured modules. The use of tried and tested modules in our proudction results in economic batch sizes we well as high quality and ensures the prompt supply of spare parts for decades.

Other areas in which we are highly proficient are the heating of thermoplastic materials and vacuum and pressure-forming techniques.

Products can be decorated, automatically filled, sealed, punched out or be finished in other ways. Special devices for loading machines or downstream equipment for stacking and/or packing formed parts are prerequisites for advanced production lines. Complete solutions are the main focus of ILLIG today. Different expansion levels are generated from basic machines by the addition of modules. This principle applies right through to high-performance machines for multiple-shift operation.

The smooth integration of ILLIG systems into production lines can be seen in many fully integrated lines, interlinked from material production through to finished, printed cup. In practice, this results in high-tech solutions producing greatest volumes. Brand-name products are produced daily world-wide with a consistent level of quality on these systems.